Our Purpose

The Hoarding Disorder Foundation of Alberta (HDFA) is a newly formed not-for-profit organization that has the purpose to provide compassionate, informed, collaborative services for people who struggle with hoarding behaviours and their loved ones.

We’re a small group but we have big dreams! 

Here’s who will benefit from the future services provided by the HDFA:

1. Individuals with hoarding disorder (HD):

People with extreme clutter issues carry a huge burden.  The stigma surrounding HD is so intense that many people fear the consequences of reaching out for support.  For many people with HD (whether diagnosed or not) past interventions have been extremely harmful often leading to damaged personal and community relationships, isolation, eviction and homelessness.  The HDFA will provide evidence based service opportunities in a safe and supportive environment in order to encourage individuals with hoarding issues to reach out for help.

2. Family and friends:

The HDFA will also provide a safe and supportive environment for family, friends, neighbours and others (volunteers for example) to learn about hoarding disorder as well as to learn about effective intervention strategies.  Family and friends are often very concerned about their loved one who struggles with hoarding and have often made numerous attempts to intervene without success.  By accessing the HDFA, family and friends and others will have the opportunity to support real and sustainable results.

3. Community:

There is a growing concern regarding the impact of hoarding behaviours on the community.  Service providers in Edmonton struggle to find appropriate and comprehensive services for people who hoard.  The Edmonton Hoarding Coalition (which is comprised of a variety of interested parties including Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton (SAGE), Environmental Public Health, City of Edmonton Fire, Emergency Response & By-law, Community Geriatric Psychiatry, independent service providers and many others) engaged in two data collection projects in order to better understand incidents of hoarding in our community.  The projects identified a high rate of social service access as well as safety and health risks for both the public as well as for the individual who struggles with hoarding.  The HDFA will work collaboratively with the Edmonton Hoarding Coalition to fill identified gaps in services in order to address identified concerns and strengthen an integrated community response to cases of hoarding.

4. Other Stakeholders:

Landlords, condo boards, housing co-ops, public housing agencies etc. encounter a myriad of challenges that can include:

  • Long-term tenant issues, like being denied entry for routine maintenance
  • Evictions
  • Legal costs
  • Bed bug, cockroach or other pest treatment challenges
  • Remediation and renovation

The HDFA will provide education and problem solving support so that these stakeholders have tools to deal with this challenging issue.

How Can You Help

We’re new.  At least the HDFA is new.  The need is great – the funding is not!  Please consider helping us by donating. We appreciate and thank you for your interest. 


E-transfer to hoardingdisorderfoundation@gmail.com with the password “HoardingSupport” or click here to donate to our Go Fund Me. 

* You can also contact Terri or Stacy to donate by cash or cheque.

The Hoarding Disorder Foundation of Alberta has been awarded ‘not-for-profit’ status – by the Government of Alberta and has applied for Charitable Status with Canada Revenue Agency.  This process is taking much longer than anticipated.  Unfortunately, while we will provide a receipt, we are not able to provide tax receipts.

Thank you so much!

Hopes for the Future

It is our hope that through a variety of fundraising methods the following programming will be made available to the community for low or no cost:

  • Drop in support group for individuals with hoarding behaviours
  • Pre-reqistered psycho-educational support group for individuals with hoarding behaviours
  • Pre-registered psycho-educational support group for family and friends of individuals with hoarding behaviours
  • Ongoing one on one in home de-cluttering support
  • One on one counselling for individuals with hoarding behaviours
  • Trauma informed crisis de-cluttering support

Current Programming

All programming is suspended until further notice due to the importance of maintaining physical distance during the Covid 19 epidemic.  For ongoing support and tips to stay motivated during this challenging time go to the Hoarding Disorder Foundation of Alberta facebook page.


Stacy Walker is a Certified Professional Organizer who
has been organizing professionally since 2004. She
specializes in the hoarding field and works primarily with
people who struggle with extreme clutter and hoarding
behaviours. She is dedicated to positively influencing
community responses to hoarding cases by providing
comprehensive educational programming and on-site
support services. Stacy is a contributing member to
both the Professional Organizers in Canada and the
Edmonton Hoarding Coalition.

Terri Bailey, M.A. Counselling has a private therapy
practice with a specialty in the hoarding field. She
educates professionals, co-facilitates hoarding groups,
provides one on one counselling, and also works with
family members who are concerned about a loved one
who is hoarding. She is a member of the Edmonton
Hoarding Coalition and is dedicated to facilitating a
collaborative and compassionate community response.


Please contact us with questions or registration inquiries:

Stacy:  780-717-1745
Terri:  780-504-3243